Oct 4, 2022
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Dallas, TX

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Member, Male, from Dallas, TX

Update: DayQuil, NightQuil, Tylenol Extra Strength…anything that contains acetaminophen is no longer causing my tinnitus to increase :) Jun 13, 2024

    1. EternalRinging
      Today I turned on the TV to watch baseball. I couldn’t bear it, crowd sounds triggered my reactive tinnitus.
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      2. ZFire
        I have this too. Crowd noise draws out the reactivity most of time.
        Mar 17, 2023
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      3. EternalRinging
        Yeah it’s non sense. I wouldn’t even be here if I had non-reactive single tone tinnitus under 30 db. I think it might be likely that the reactivity issue gets activated with a range of specific frequencies such as crowd noises.
        Mar 19, 2023
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      4. ZFire
        Yeah I think you’re on to something. I feel the same way
        Mar 31, 2023
    2. EternalRinging
      Almost 10 months since acquiring tinnitus and I’m still in a shock state. I’m not sure if I can handle this for the rest of my life.
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      2. Lorca
        Man I know the feeling, I’m 15 months in and only now feeling like I can stand this. I spent lastnight riding bikes, playing pool and seeing friends at loud bars. I never thought that would be possible again. In all these months it has never stopped or decreased but you will learn to ignore it sometimes. It will be loud, it will be quite, nothing to be done
        Feb 25, 2023
      3. EternalRinging
        I agree, at this point, it’s the best we can do. Try to reclaim normal lives despite having an orchestra cuz if we try to wait for a miracle to happen, we will spend the rest of our lives miserable.

        It’s unfortunate having this because normal people will never understand how miserable a phantom noise can make us. Pretending that everything is okay while having a tinnitus flare up is not an easy task.
        Feb 26, 2023
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    3. EternalRinging
      Sometimes (very rarely) I get the blessing to wake up in silence. The problem? Tinnitus gets activated as soon as I get exposed to sounds.
    4. seppl
      How is your hum? It seems similar to mine. Have it since 13. Dec.
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      2. EternalRinging
        It has been in remission ever since December 22.

        Two flights and constant relatively loud noises from a few parties (70-90 dB’s) are probably the reasons of having the hum in remission.

        I still hear intermittent light bass sometimes with very specific frequencies (something a bit new since initially I heard it in silence only) but nowhere near bothersome as the constant hum in silence.
        Jan 4, 2023
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      3. seppl
        I hope it will be gone forever for you. Keep me updated, pls.
        Jan 5, 2023
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